3 need-to-know facts about this year’s (bicoastal) Sweaty Saturday

Sweaty Saturday

If you notice a lot of fit women walking around with orange totes next week, it isn’t because Organic Avenue is having a sample sale (though good idea!).

Sweaty Saturday—the annual event in which more than 80 New York City boutique fitness studios host special classes to raise funds for Partnership for Healthier America (PHA)—is back on March 21, and this year, it’s bicoastal.

Founded in 2012 by SLT owner Amanda Freeman, Fitist‘s Caroline Limpert and Neda Talebian Funk, and Lauren Kassan and Jocelyn Levy, Sweaty Saturday is just like any other Saturday at your favorite fitness studio, except that with your class (which you book regularly through the studio), you get wellness perks like gift bags, healthy snacks, juices, and more, depending on where you’re sweating.

Most importantly, you get the added motivation that comes from knowing your sweaty dollars are going to PHA, which helps fight childhood obesity.

Ready to jump, lift, and flow for charity all over town? Here are three need-to-know facts about 2015’s Sweaty Saturday. —Jamie McKillop

1. It’s happening in Los Angeles, too. Looks like Sweaty Saturday got sick of the snow, too. For the first time, it’s expanding to sunnier zip codes on the West Coast. “LA is the next logical location, due to such a high concentration of boutique studios,” Amanda Freeman says. “You can’t drive a block in LA without passing a trendsetting workout spot.” Check the website to see which are participating, as studios and events are still being added.

2. New York is a mix of old favorites and new offerings. Studios that have been involved for several years, like 305 Fitness and Uplift, are back. But hot new studios, like Monster Cycle and Mile High Run Club, are getting in on the action too.

3. There will be Sweat Fests. NBC’s streaming workout service Radius is co-sponsoring “Sweat Fests” on both coasts with Under Armour that will include Propel Water (another sponsor), giveaways, and snacks. In New York, this will take place at the trendy Dream Downtown from 2:00–4:00 p.m., with donation-based classes led by Radius master trainers Keoni Hudoba and Natalie Uhling. In LA, it’ll be at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills from 10:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. with classes taught by Nicky Holender, Basheerah Ahmad, Caley Alyssa and Alex Isaly. Entry is on a first come, first served basis for both.

For more information, visit www.sweatysaturday.com

(Photo: Sweaty Saturday)


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