3 up-and-coming yogis to practice with at the New York Yoga Journal Conference

You take Shiva Rea's class every year. Why not scope out the on-the-mat style of a conference newbie?
Claire Missingham
The UK’s Claire Missingham. (Photo: Facebook/Claire Missingham)


At Yoga Journal’s annual New York conference, yogis rush to sign up for classes with the same big-name bendy celebs every year, and their classes tend to sell out faster than you can do a sun salutation.

And while we really love us some Rodney and Colleen and Sean Corne, this year (April 24–28), there are also a slew of new names worth noting. First-time conference teachers include a cadre of New York City stars that you can check out year-round, like Lauren Imparato, Tiffany Cruikshank, and Matt Giordano—and a handful of other rising stars who teach jam-packed classes in their hometowns, and that you’d otherwise have to travel to practice with.

They’re saving you the bus fare (and trans-Atlantic flight). Here are three yogis new to the Yoga Journal Conference marquee—each of whom offers their own special take on Om-ing and flowing—who you may want to unroll you mat with while they’re in town next month. You know, before you have to wait in line to practice with them. —Lisa Elaine Held

The Yoga Choreographer

(Photo: Claire Missingham)
(Photo: Claire Missingham)

Claire Missingham
Triyoga, London, UK

Missingham is the child of Sufis, and she grew up with an in-house prayer room and constant spiritual teachers as house guests before becoming a professional dancer and music video choreographer. She studies and teaches from the Krishnamacharya lineage, and her rhythmic background influences every class.

“My style is loving, challenging, dynamic, and spiritual. As a choreographer of yoga, I love the minute detail of sequencing and karma in a truly fully-dimensional way,” she says. “I play music to encourage the experience and make emotional connection.” Oh, and if you’re sick of the same old American wisecracks, “a good old British humour never goes a miss!” she jokes.

The Gentle AcroYogi

(Photo: Chris Loebsack)
(Photo: Chris Loebsack)

Chris Loebsack
Boundless Yoga Studio, Stroudsburg, PA

Loebsack has been practicing yoga for two decades and teaching for more than one, and she’s known for her skill at melding the wisdom and healing benefits of yoga (and Thai Massage) with the strength-testing feats of acrobatics. “The biggest reflections I get from my students and colleagues is that I keep a reliable balance of strength and softness, backed by integrity and knowledge.”

If you’re into doing yoga with a partner, Loebsack is perfect for you, as she’s a big believer in the healing power of touch and often teaches partner workshops.

The Jet-Setting Mind-Body Master

Coby Kozlowski
(Photo: Coby Kozlowski)

Coby Kozlowski
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Stockbridge, MA

Kozlowski is a life coach and a yogi, and in addition to directing Kripalu’s esteemed teacher training programs, she’s created a teacher training in India, a two-week intensive training in Costa Rica, and various other programs and lectures. Her approach to teaching is rooted in her varied (and vast) interests and influences.

“I find my classes incorporate aspects of coaching as well as my studies of yoga philosophies, Ayurveda, expressive arts, dance, meditation, my self-study of neuroscience and positive psychology, my love of juicing and raw food!” she says. (Phew!) And she’s squarely focused on the mind-body benefits of yoga. “I aim to offer classes that open students up to experiencing the full range of the human experience, so ultimately they can be with all of life, the 23 hours of the day they are not on their mat.”

For more information, visit www.yjevents.com/ny/

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