4 new workout classes moms can bring babies to

Just in time for Mother's Day, these serious new workouts for New York moms demand burpees but allow burping.
Stroller Strides For lots of women, 45-minutes spent in spin class is necessary me-time away from the demands of motherhood. Others have lots of reasons to show up to sweat sessions with a stroller.

“I thought I was going to have all of the time in the world to work out when I was on maternity leave,” says Fit4Mom Manhattan owner Laura Kovall, “but the reality is, you don’t.”

Kovall says some women just can’t get a babysitter, while others want the bonding time with their little ones, since so many other commitments force them to be away.

Whatever the case, New York’s boutique fitness scene is stepping up to serve them (just in time for Mother’s Day) with three new serious workouts that demand burpees and allow burp cloths. —Lisa Elaine Held

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Baby Does Boot Camp 1. Baby Does Boot Camp

Ariane Hundt’s kick-butt Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp is welcoming younger attendees starting on May 7. One of Hundt’s trainers, Jessica Milliken, gave birth to a son in December, inspiring the new mommy-and-me class. (She’s pictured on the right, four months later.)

Jogging with the stroller is combined with strengthening exercises using body weight, resistance bands, benches, and fences to work your arms, abs, glutes, thighs, and more.

And just because your baby is there doesn’t mean Milliken will give you a break—the class still promises a seemingly impossible 800-calorie burn (meaning you might be the one needing the burp cloth).

Christopher Street Pier, $15–$20, www.brooklynbridgebootcamp.com



Brooklyn bodyburn 2. Brooklyn Bodyburn, Babies Welcome

Williamsburg’s new Megaformer studio immediately attracted a slew of moms, so owner Tracy Carlinsky added a bring-your-baby-to-workout class twice a week.

Strollers are parked at the foot of each machine, and you get the same muscle-quivering session you’d get sans child, in just 45 (instead of the usual 50) minutes. “The babies can’t seem to handle those extra five minutes,” Carlinsky explains.

And lest you worry that you won’t be able to tend to your baby’s needs as you carefully move the carriage back and forth, abs contracted, Carlinsky’s got it covered. “The teacher and I are usually on pacifier alert in case they fall out,” she says.

Williamsburg, $33, www.brooklynbodyburn.com



Stroller Strides 3. Fit4Mom’s Stroller Strides

Mega mom-workout brand Fit4Mom, which has more than 1,000 franchises across the country, created this class, and Kovall launched the Manhattan branch in April.

The 60-minute class alternates between cardio and resistance-band training, like jogging with the strollers and then executing moves like rows and tricep kickbacks. It ends with an ab sequence on mats, during which your baby can join you or stay snoozing in the stroller, depending on his or her core strength.

The calorie-burning often comes with a bonus, Kovall says: moms gain neighborhood friends and advice from peers.

Central Park, $50 per month for 4 classes, www.manhattan.fit4mom.com



Karma Kids 4. Karma Kids’ Mom & Baby Pilates

Karma Kids’ 14th Street headquarters is known for its prenatal and mom-and-baby yoga classes. This week, it added a Pilates option.

“The goal is to get everyone connected with their core again post-baby, while also providing moms with lots of information, movement, and Pilates exercises that can be done at home while baby is napping,” says instructor Diana Bufalini, a mom to 18-month-old Gemma.

In this class, you won’t leave your baby in the stroller. Instead, you’ll do breathing exercises and standing work with your baby, or he or she may just snuggle up to you (or crawl away) while you work on your Teaser. Of course, Bufalini is realistic about how your baby might choose to spend the workout time. Her motto for the class, she says, is “anything goes.”

Karma Kids “Peace In” Studio, $20, www.karmakidsyoga.com



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