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lea michelle hot yoga

Awards season is culminating this Sunday with the Oscars. And no matter how many times we hear celebs talking about the burger and fries they had just before slipping on their couture (what is wrong with saying you eat kale salad?), we’re much more inspired when we see them hitting a tough workout.

And there are a lot more healthy celebs and supermodels, from Lea Michele to Gisele Bündchen, who are all about getting their sweat on—and sharing their no-makeup, no-Photoshop snaps.

Take a peek at this week’s top workout Instagrams from celebs with healthy habits. —Molly Gallagher

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lena dunham tracy andersonLena Dunham, @lenadunham
Tracy Anderson Method

The Girls creator and star has been known to sweat in her fair share of SoulCycle classes. This week, she tried something new (and daring!) after Anderson’s butt-kicking dance cardio classes.

(Photo: [email protected])


gisele skiingGisele Bündchen, @giseleofficial

The supermodel is no stranger to a good sweat session indoors or on the slopes: she’s an Under Armour ambassador who loves Kung Fu and yoga.

(Photo: [email protected])


lea michelle hot yogaLea Michele, @msleamichele
Hot Yoga

We’ll take a dose of Michele’s post-yoga glow and one of her super cute mats, please!

(Photo: [email protected])


Ivanka Trump runningIvanka Trump, @ivankatrump

Trump, who’s a busy mother, global real-estate tycoon, and fashion designer, and her team are training for a half marathon and documenting it on Instagram.

(Photo: [email protected])


maria menounos spinningMaria Menounos, @mariamenounos
Spinning at Cycle House

No shame in posting a spin class selfie? Menounos is a girl after our own heart.

(Photo: [email protected])


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