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In December, NBCUniversal launched a big-deal online workout platform called Radius, introducing the world to a new era of online workouts created by a major television network—and to five super fit and talented trainers.

The master trainers—Basheerah Ahmad, Alex Isaly, Natalie Uhling, Keoni Hudoba, and Nicky Holender—all bring something different to the mat (or punching bag), from sports- or dance-inspired exercises to get you sweating, to personal stories that are seriously motivating.

We asked each trainer to share a signature workout move—and how to take it up a notch—to help you lunge and squat your way into the new year.

Meet the master trainers and get their moves now for a really fit 2015. —Molly Gallagher and Jamie McKillop

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Alex IslayAlex Isaly

Los Angeles-based Alex Islay is a renowned personal trainer to high-level clients like Andre Agassi and fitness consultant to international companies like BowFlex. And he’s a serious athlete, too, competing in intense endurance races like the HooDoo 500 mile ultra-endurance bicycle race and Ironman triathlons. On Radius, Islay specializes in strength training and weight loss.

The move: Pendulum push-up
Start in a push-up position. Step the right foot to the four o’clock position, followed by the left foot. Do a push-up. Reverse the move back to starting position (feet are back at six o’clock) and do a push-up. Step the left foot to eight o’clock, and then the right foot, and do a push-up. Step back to starting position. Repeat the movement.

How to take it up a notch
Add shoulder taps after every push-up by touching the right hand to the left shoulder followed by the left hand to the right shoulder, which forces your body to engage core and stabilizer muscles.

Fun fact
Isaly is the kind of trainer who won’t leave you hanging. “If I’m training one of my clients, I always do the workout with them,” Islay says. “I know what it’s like to be unmotivated, so if they have to do it, I have to do it. I have to get in the trenches with them.”

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Natalie UhlingNatalie Uhling

Natalie Uhling is a fitness model and the super inspiring creator of NUFit, an intense kickboxing and dance cardio workout that in-the-know New York City fitness enthusiasts love. On Radius, she specializes in rhythmic movement training (as in, you can expect both dance and boxing moves, to the beat).

The move: Lemon squeezer
Start by sitting on your sit bones and draw the knees into your chest. Place your hands on the floor behind your back, with palms cupped to help keep your posture lifted, like there’s a rod in your back. Make sure your legs are zipped together and slowly take the legs out and in. Focus more on your core and less on your quads. Do 15 reps three times.

How to take it up a notch
Do the lemon squeezer, but instead of drawing your knees into the chest, stick them straight out in front of you at 45 degrees, lower them slowly to the ground, and bring them back to a 45 degree angle.

Fun fact
Uhling’s classes are very music-driven, and mastering choreography isn’t exactly something she picked up recently. “When I was six years old, I got my first microphone,” she says. “I immediately knew I wanted to be a performer. I would choreograph tons of dances to Michael Jackson and to ‘Achy Breaky Heart.'” For the record, we could totally go for a “Billie Jean” workout routine.

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Nicky_04Nicky Holender

This British former professional soccer player wants to help you release your inner athlete. One of his workouts for Radius, Pro Skills, takes five different sports—soccer, football, basketball, track and field, and extreme sports—and includes a mini workout inspired by each sport. Now based in Los Angeles, his roster of celeb clients includes Gerard Butler, Kendra Wilkinson, Mel B (yes, that Mel B, from the Spice Girls), and Chris Harrison, the host of The Bachelor. 

The move: Tuck jump
Begin standing. Start to bend down into a squat position and explode up, bringing your knees into your chest.

How to take it up a notch
Lie on the floor, come up to a complete standing position, and then do a tuck jump. Repeat.

Fun fact
“I do a lot of self-hypnosis…I learned it when I was about 21 or 22 years old. I spend 30 minutes a day and focus my mind,” says Holender. “[It’s] a lot of positive affirmations. I truly believe in the mind-body connection—and if you get your mind right, your body performs exactly how you want it to.” As in, maybe you’ll start to jump even higher than you thought was possible.

(Photo: Radius Fitness)


Basheerah AhmadBasheerah Ahmad

Oklahoma City’s Basheerah Ahmad is a celebrity fitness trainer for clients like Carrie Underwood and Jordin Sparks and previously worked for Jillian Michaels. On Radius, she’s known for her cheerleader-level motivation, which makes her an ideal trainer for people just getting started on their fitness journeys.

The move: Glute pick-up
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your hands behind your head. Lower into a squat bringing your butt close to the floor. Stand up, squeezing your glutes to come back up. Then hinge over from the waist into a flat-back bow, keeping your glutes and core tight, and engaging your hamstrings. Lift back up to start. Repeat six times.

How to take it up a notch
After hinging over from the waist, when coming back up, lift the right knee up to engage your core. Switch to the left knee the next time.

Fun fact
Ahmad may look like a fit superstar, but she insists she doesn’t roll out of bed into lunge position. “I’m not one of those people that’s so addicted to working out I can jump on a treadmill as soon as I wake up,” Ahmad says. “I have a real life, with real life obstacles. But I know that if I’m having a crappy day and I don’t want to work out, once I start moving and getting those endorphins going, I’m going to feel a lot better.”

(Photo: Radius Fitness)


Keoni_02Keoni Hudoba

Native Hawaiian and current New Yorker Keoni Hudoba is the creative director for popular national spinning brand Cyc Fitness, where he creates fun, heart-pounding workouts on the bike. Off the bike, he’s an Under Armor ambassador and the creator of his own workout, Drenched. On Radius, he brings his high-energy, relatable attitude to cardio and strength-training workouts. He also uses his own weight-loss and fitness journey as a source of encouragement for his clients. 

The move: Burpee
Start standing up. Plant your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart. Jump your legs back into full plank position. Jump your feet back in and stand up straight. Repeat.

How to take it up a notch
When you get to plank position, lower your body into a push-up and jump your legs out wide, almost into a tripod position, as your face gets closer to the ground. Then, jump your legs back in and up to the starting position. (Hudoba calls this a “Suicide Push-up Burpee!”)

Fun fact
Hudoba lost a lot of weight before becoming a trainer, and one of his strategies was not depriving himself of flavors he loved. “When I started losing my own weight, I would always find healthier ways of eating things I love,” he says. “How can I eat Mexican and feel like I’m not putting my work down the drain? I make huevos rancheros with egg whites, salsa, and cottage cheese in a flaxseed wrap. I’m still filling that Mexican food void, so that’s one of my go to favorites.”

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