5 yoga poses for a stress-free, happy holiday season

yoga for stress “Yoga is designed to help you relieve stress through the practice of breath and presence,” says Heather Peterson, SVP of programming at CorePower Yoga. (Double big thank you this time of year, yoga!)

Which is why the popular, expanding national brand created a series of holiday season poses designed to alleviate some of the common stressors that pop up this time of year—from broken ornaments to endless gift wrapping—each of which comes with a cute name and yogis demo-ing in cozy outfits from the curated holiday fashion collection sold in studios.

“Getting calm and focused at this time of year is literally a present for those in your life; they get more of you,” Peterson adds. (Centered, happy you, that is. Not frenzied, frantic you.)

And lest you only have time for a quick tree pose dedicated to admiring your shimmering tree, don’t fret. “Holding a pose for one to two minutes will create a subtle energy shift and a gentle flush of blood into different organs and systems in the body,” she says, “so the benefits are still great even if you only have time for a pose or two a day.” —Lisa Elaine Held

(All Photos: CorePower Yoga)


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yoga for stress Holiday Tree
Tree pose/ vrksasana

For moments when you need to get back to a place of balance or re-focus your frenzied energy. You know, like after your dog attacks the perfectly decorated Christmas tree.


yoga for stress Candy Cane
Standing half moon pose/ardha chandrasana

For after holiday parties filled with lots of tasty treats, when you need to open up and de-bloat.


yoga for holiday stress Nutcracker
Stand at attention/samasthiti

For calming the mind when you’re freaking out about having enough time to bake six different kinds of cookies.


yoga for stress Power Shopper
Warrior 2 pose/ virabhadrasana II

For building leg strength and (both physical and emotional) endurance to prep you for lengthy checkout lines.


yoga for stress Poinsettia
Rag doll circles/ uttanasana

For releasing tension wherever and whenever you need to, like after hours of gift wrapping.

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