6 January workout programs to set you up for the fittest year ever

No matter what your 2013 fitness resolution is, there's a January program with a top NYC instructor to help you stick to it.
No matter what your 2013 fitness resolution or goal is, there’s a four-week program happening this January—with a top New York City instructor—that will help you stick to it.

From picking up weights you never thought you’d be able to lift with Will Torres, to dipping your feet into the triathlon training waters with Empire Tri Club, to a mind-body revamp with Flybarre’s Shay Kostabi.

Here are six January workout programs to set you up for the fittest year ever.


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Will Torres Goal: Get stronger—and sculpted
Program: Raise the Bar at WillSpace

On Will Torres‘ intense four-week program, classes start with 45 minutes of strength training, followed by 45 minutes of a killer cardio workout with Mike Medrano. Expect kicks, punches, and primal moves with your hands wrapped like a fighter. Torres says the twice-weekly sessions should burn more than 700 calories, and get you results you can see. “So many people tell me they’re not getting toned the way they really want, and the missing component is pure lifting,” he says. “They’re not doing the right moves, they’re not doing them correctly, and they’re not lifting enough.” Here’s your chance to change that. $850, www.willspace.com


Shay Kostabi Goal: Reboot your mind-body connection
Program: Re: Create with Shay Kostabi and Jeannine Yoder

If fitness is just one small part of the mind-body revolution you want to create in 2013, Re: Create is for you. Flybarre star Shay Kostabi (pictured) will lead you through tough, toning workouts while Yoder works her life coaching magic, tackling inner life challenges like controlling emotions, believing in yourself, and staying committed to goals. $297, www.thersvprev.com


Empire Tri Club Goal: Test the triathlon training waters
Program: Functional Strength Program at End Game Training with Empire Tri Club

The city’s coolest triathlon training club is hosting this cardio and strength-training boot camp to get you into athlete shape. Expect kettlebells, ropes, TRX, medicine balls, and lots of variety, in general. Oh, and this one is eight-weeks, so you won’t go back to couch surfing as soon as February rolls around. $199 or $240 for non-members, www.empiretriclub.com


The People's bootcamp Goal: Lose weight and build lean muscle
Program: The People’s Bootcamp 4-Week Workout Challenge

Adam Rosante’s High Intensity Interval Training-based classes are not for the faint of heart—literally. Fat doesn’t stand a change against burpees and jump squats as fast as you can possibly do them. “One short HIIT session will torch fat, build long, lean muscle, and boost your metabolism more than any other workout,” Rosante says. Bonus: Classes are 45 minutes or less, so they’re easy to fit into your schedule, and this twice-a-week challenge (for four weeks) is a mega-bargain at just $96. www.thepeoplesbootcamp.com


Holly Rilinger Goal: Get really fit and have fun—at the same time
Program: Holly Rilinger’s January Training Camp

Rilinger’s signature Training Camp meets Tuesdays and Thursday for eight weeks at Stepping Out studios in Chelsea and includes interval training, body-weight resistance exercises, core conditioning, and speed and agility drills. Not to mention relay and partner drills to motivate you and “signature clapping and dancing sections” that will remind you that fitness doesn’t have to be a chore. Actually, it can be a blast. $350, www.hollyrilinger.com


SLT Yoga Erin Jacques

Goal: A cleanse that gets you eating right and moving more
Program: A week-long program that includes SLT Yoga, a food cleanse, and a session with a top nutritionist

Need to step up your number of workouts and clean up your eating? This approachable week-long program makes it “easier to encorporate than a New Year’s  resolution or dramatic life change,” says Erin Jacques, founder of SLT Yoga. It includes seven days of unlimited SLT Yoga classes, a five-day Gingersnap’s Organic food cleanse, and a private consultation with nutritionist Sharon Richter, RD. Kick off is Sunday, Jan 13 at an optional 5:45 yoga class, where you can meet all three program experts. $400, gocleanse@gingersnapsorganic.com


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