This exercise-loving 93-year-old will make you smile through your next sweat sesh

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You know when you’re in a Pilates class and your instructor reminds you to breathe? It seems like a bizarre thing to ask of a living being who depends on breathing in order to survive, but occasionally, you (I) realize that you are, in fact, holding your breath. And considering your struggle to turn oxygen into carbon dioxide while doing burpees, smiling while doing it is quite the tall order. But, as one 93-year-old internet sensation proves, grinning through your workout might bring you a hearty dose of joy as your reach your fitness goals.

Helene Z. Miller has been working out three times a week for two years with her trainer, Elizabeth Zanin, at Anytime Fitness in South Dakota, Today reported. Miller began her weekly workouts after she had a health scare three years ago, and she said the habit is not only good for her physical health, but it also boosts her mood. “When I don’t go (to the gym), I’m like a different person,” she said. “It gives me something to look forward to.”

Zanin’s daughter Joana reportedly shared the video because she found Miller’s enthusiasm infectious and charming. Ultimately, Elizabeth said she’d like to launch a program that makes gym memberships affordable or free for seniors who can’t afford it otherwise.

While it’s not so surprising that regular exercise contributes to longevity goals, having a contagiously joyful and positive attitude can help ever minute of life feel more worthwhile.

Studies have also found that longevity has been tied to friendship and even light-to-moderate drinking.

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