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You know accountability is the key to a better workout (that’s what your 6 a.m. HIIT class buddy is for). But once you get there, will anyone really notice if you don’t do that last burpee?

Samsung’s Gear Fit2—the revolutionary tracker designed to help you reach your fitness goals—can help you stay motivated.

On top of helping you reach your daily target of 10,000 steps, it sends heart rate alerts so you know when to dial up the intensity of your sweat sesh. Plus, the handy tracker is compatible with every type of workout (running, cycling, or dance-partying).

Put it to the test yourself (for free!) on select Saturdays this summer at Samsung’s 837 Run Club. After you take the Gear Fit2 out for a three-mile test run along the Hudson River, you can bring it home to see how it jives with your lifestyle IRL.

Sign up now for the 837 Run Club and try out the Gear Fit2 yourself.

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