A butt-toning workout with Madonna’s trainer

Nicole Winhoffer, the trainer behind the amazing behind of the one and only Madonna, tells us how to get a super-toned tush.
NICOLE_OPENER_2 You may have heard about Madonna’s sexy photos revealed in the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar. If not, here’s what you need to know: the 55-year-old’s fishnet-clad booty stole the show. (In Perez-Hilton-speak: Feast your eyes on this dynamic derriere and be forever changed!”) Forever changed, as in, suddenly super interested in working your glute muscles 24-7.

We’ve got you. The genius behind Madge’s sexy butt is Nicole Winhoffer (pictured here), the trainer who works her cardio-sculpting magic on the super-fit Mother of Pop several times a week. And Winhoffer created the dance cardio series, Addicted to Sweat, a set of DVDs that feature all kinds of functional moves that tighten and tone while you bop around the living room (and soak the floor).

Since we can’t crash their sweat session, we asked the dancer-trainer for a cheat sheet of moves that really define your legs and tone your tush—with cardio bursts built right in. Here she shares three moves that will get you there.

“Women want long lean sculpted legs and a cute derrière,” says Winhoffer, who has strict fitness-marching orders for you: “Follow the movements exactly!” You’ll need a sturdy chair, small towel, and a yoga mat. Fishnets optional.

Photos: Nicole Winhoffer by Melisse Gelula for Well+Good


Get Started
NICOLE_TOE_TAP_2ND 1. Toe Taps on a Chair

This is your warm up. Stand 6 inches away from seat of chair, and keeping your core tight and upper body relaxed, tap your right foot on the seat of the chair. Switch and tap your left leg. Then pick up the pace, using your arms to help keep you moving. It almost takes on a skipping motion. Repeat the move 32 times. “This reaches right under the glute crease, fatiguing thighs and lifting and firming the butt,” Winhoffer says.



NICOLE_CHAIR_HOP_B 2. Chair Bursts

Prepare for take off by placing your hands on the seat of a sturdy chair. Pushing away from the seat, steady your core, and hop from the left to the right corner of the chair. Keep your knees bent and ankles together. Get some serious height, as you push away from the chair and land on your toes. Leap as soon as you land. Repeat 20 times. “You should feel it through the back of your legs—this move helps strengthen the hamstrings and shape the calves and the butt,” says Winhoffer. Your heart should be pounding.


NICOLE_TOWEL_KNEE 3. The Butt Plumper

A) Get on all fours, checking that your shoulders are over your wrists. Raise and bend your right leg, so your knee is facing the floor and the sole of foot is facing the ceiling. Now’s the tricky part: Place a small towel on the sole of your right foot and reset your alignment. While balancing the towel, pulse your foot up to ceiling and lower it back down to hip level only. Activate the movement from your glute, not your knee. Repeat 20 times on both sides.

B) Now open your right knee out to a 45 degree angle behind you and pulse your foot up the ceiling, just as like in the previous set, keeping the towel balanced and your stomach pulled in. Try not to sway to one side. Repeat 20 times on both sides. “This set of reps plumps your rear without bulking thighs, which women who strength train or cycle don’t need,” Winhoffer says.

C) For the third set, take the towel and place it inside the back of your knee (pictured), so it drapes over your leg. Keeping your knee bent, swing your leg out to the side, balancing the towel. Bring your knee back in, and extend leg to an arabesque behind you, all while keeping towel balanced. Repeat this move 20 times on each leg. “This creates a shelf for the perfect butt,” she says.


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