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A Misty Copeland movie might be happening

Misty Copeland

The ballerina-against-all-odds might be getting her own movie.

Much-admired Misty Copeland is an of-the-moment star in the ballet world, but she was once rejected from many ballet academies for not fitting the ballet-body ideal.

Copeland became the first African American soloist for the American Ballet Theatre in more than 20 years (and this season, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance)—and Hollywood is paying attention. Her inspiring true story might be getting made into a movie, according to Deadline.

The film would be based on Copeland’s memoir, Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, which tells the story of the many challenges she’s overcome. (If you’ve seen her new Under Armour commercial where she reads an unnecessarily brutal rejection letter from a ballet academy, you’ve had a taste for what she’s had to deal with.)

We’re thinking this is going to be like Center Stage, but way better. —Molly Gallagher

For more information, visit or check out Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina