A new happy-hour workout mixes fitness and drinks

Rogue Female Fitness doesn't think you should sacrifice happy-hour socializing in order to work out—so they're melding the two together. We took a sip.
Rogue Female Fitness
Yoga mats are the new handbags for a night out in th city.


Lots of New York women forgo happy hour to fit in an evening yoga or spin class.

But the trainers behind Rogue Female Fitness don’t think you should have to. So they created Raise the Bar, a new fitness class ($35) that combines sweaty workouts with socializing over wine and beer.

The sweat-then-swig concept has taken off so quickly that the company, which launched less than a year ago, is opening a studio in the Flatiron District this spring. Further proof that not all healthy-types are teetotalers.

“It’s not reality to never drink and never go out with your friends, especially in New York,” says Leanne Shear, a personal trainer and one of Rogue’s co-founders, with Helena Wolin and Katie Currie. “We look at it as fitness for the real woman who really enjoys her life on both ends of the spectrum and isn’t willing to sacrifice either fitness or fun.”

Classes like “Workout and Wine” and “Bootcamp and Beer” are the busy, urban woman’s equivalent of an adult softball league. But instead of running the bases then sharing a six pack, the Lululemon-clad classmates do lunges and squats together in Hudson River Park then head to a trendy West Village bar for wine tastings together.

Rogue Female Fitness
The Rogue founders: Katie Currie, Leanne Shear, and Helena Wolin

Rogue says New York women in their 20s and 30s love it, because it caters to a few big-deal lifestyle pursuits by offering an all-in-one fitness, socializing, and relationship-building experience. “We’re really creating a community and a team mentality,” says co-founder Katie Currie.

That was apparent at a recent boot-camp-style class where afterward attendees sipped Cotes Du Rhone in their running tights, exchanged business cards, and made plans to try other workouts together.

Rogue also offers classes like “Fit & Flow,” a yoga-cardio-strength training mash-up, personal training, and nutrition-fitness programs. And in the new studio, they’ll host 30-minute lunch-hour workouts and social events, like book signings and trunk shows—all for women only.

The Rogue trainers are confident their female-empowered, fun-loving approach to fitness will continue to attract women who live “full lives” and enjoy a post-workout glass of wine instead of a smoothie every so often.  –Lisa Elaine Held

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Would you skip your post-workout smoothie for a Sauvignon Blanc and socializing? Tell us in the Comments, below!

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