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Photo: adidas Avenue A

Avenue A Ribbon

If you’ve ever suspected that you hold plank longer, run faster, and burpee with the best of them when you’ve got your favorite outfit on, you’re absolutely right.

Women’s National Soccer Team player (and champion of the world, no big deal) Morgan Brian sums it up: “Look good, feel good, play good.” Confirmation!

How to keep your fashion cool-hunting game on track? Avenue A, adidas’ new, genius subscription box—AKA your personal fitness stylist.

For the current box,  Brian has curated the most brag-worthy finds this side of the Olympics, where, btw, the soccer pro is headed this summer.

How it works: With an Avenue A subscription you’ll be the first to discover the coolest finds in the fitness fashion world (curated by some of your fave fit celebs), delivered to your door four times a year, for $150 a box. It’s a serious steal, considering that a pair of adidas shoes alone typically runs more than $100.

Adidas FitSmart fitness tracking and coaching watch
The FitSmart is yours in the latest super-curated Avenue A subscription box.

While the contents of each box is surprise, we can share one that’ll make your running buddies green with envy: The sporty-chic miCoach® Fit Smart watch.

“What I love about this watch is it’s a coach on your wrist,” Brian tells us. It syncs with adidas’ Train & Run app, so it’s loaded with training plans for completing your first 5K to shaving minutes off your marathon time. Plus, you can get heart rate intel right from your wrist, no chaffing chest strap required.

Between your brand-new “wrist coach” and the sweet new workout clothes in your Avenue A box, you’ll be seriously set up to tackle your next fitness challenge—and any workout wardrobe decision that could otherwise slow you down.

Sign up now for an Avenue A subscription and get the Summer 16 Edition box curated by Morgan Brian.