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Well+Good deputy editor Rebecca Davis and integrated marketing manager Kate Citron. Photo: adidas

Avenue A RibbonWell+Good is your healthiest relationship—bringing you the latest and greatest in the wellness world straight to your computer (or phone!) every day.

But what if we said you could now get Well+Good-approved fitness fashion delivered straight to your door?

Enter Avenue A: adidas’ new, genius subscription box that taps wellness gurus—who know a thing or two about looking chic—to hand-select the coolest new offerings that the brand has to offer.

Here’s how it works: With an Avenue A subscription you get a box of four to five curated items—which could include apparel and accessory items (footwear is a definite!)—delivered to your door four times a year, for $150 a box. (Considering that a pair of adidas shoes alone typically runs more than $100, it’s a serious steal.)

And the pro selected for current fall ’16 box? None other than Well+Good.

“When we were making selects, we had the Well+Good reader in mind,” explains Rebecca Davis, deputy editor at W+G. “She’s always ahead of the trends, wearing the coolest outfit in boot camp, and making a statement without trying too hard—we wanted her to open the box and be excited to wear everything not only altogether as one look, but also merge seamlessly with the rest of her wardrobe.”

Photo: adidas
Photo: adidas

From special items that might be seen on adidas athletes at the Olympics to of-the-moment trend pieces, this box is filled to the brim with stylish surprises that you’ll just have to wait to see. One item we can spill now: the Adizero Boston sneakers. They’re lightweight, breathable, and the perfect shoe whether you’re running around the city or running mile after mile in preparation for a race.

Between your totally versatile sneaks and the rest of the perfectly curated clothes in your Avenue A box, you’ll be unstoppable for whatever new trend and impossible workout pops up next—not that we would expect anything less from a Well+Good reader.

Sign up now for an Avenue A subscription and get the latest box curated by yours truly.