5 amazing Instagram moments from this weekend’s Yoga Journal Conference

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Over the weekend, the country’s hottest, most in-demand yogis gathered at Yoga Journal’s annual conference in New York City for some bends, binds, and bow poses—and a crop of killer classes.

Unsurprisingly, it was a verifiable who’s who of the yoga scene, with yogi celebs like Laura Sykora, Kathryn BudigShiva Rea, Colleen Saidman Yee and more in attendance.

We culled awesome Instagram shots from the weekend that will have you feeling like you were posing right alongside them—and getting that same dose of good vibes. —Molly Gallagher

(Photo: Instagram/tony_f)


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yoga journal conference 5 Amy Ippoliti, @amyippoliti

“Straight up yoga-lounging,” writes Amy Ippoliti. The best kind of lounging, if you ask us.

(Photo: Instagram/@amyippoliti)


yoga journal conference 4 Anna Farkas, @annabliss108

Two people, one Dharma Wheel, and some serious hollow-back stylings.

(Photo: Instagram/@annabliss108)


yoga journal conference 3 Tony Felgueiras, @tony_f

Ever wonder what a yoga rave might look like? Photographer-instructor Tony Felgueiras captured it in Shiva Rea’s high energy class.

(Photo: Instagram/tony_f)


yoga journal conference Lala Jewelry, @lalajewelry

Accessories for sun salutations? We saw lots of them, including these Lotus, Om, and crystal designs by Lala Jewelry.

(Photo: Instagram/lalajewelry)


yoga journal conference 2 Laura Sykora, @laurasykora

Instagram yogi Laura Sykora got in on the partner-yoga trend with celeb yogi Kathryn Budig.

(Photo: Instagram/laurasykora)


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