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Stacey Griffith SoulCycle Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@soulcycle

When you’re spending the vast majority of your disposable income on spirulina smoothies, boutique fitness classes, and the latest activewear collaborations—the idea of a credit card catered to the wellness-minded would be a miracle akin to the creation of the spin bike itself.

It’s not a reality—yet—but at least one credit card company is moving in the right direction. American Express is leveraging the indoor cycling giant SoulCycle as a wellness perk for its premium card holders, after noticing a 45 percent increase in how much money these card members were spending at SoulCycle.

So how are they doing that? With three gratis classes for every 20-pack of classes purchased by premium card holders, plus 10 first-class-free passes to give away to some lucky pals. Will other credit card companies follow suit and offer up wellness goodies—instead of industry standards like airplane miles—in the coming months? Please say yes, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover!

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