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Anna Kaiser’s next act

Anna Kaiser
(Photo: AKT in Motion)

Dance cardio diva Anna Kaiser, creator of AKT in Motion, made a sweaty splash last year with the opening of her first studio, on the Upper East Side.

And the fitness guru has used the space to grow and develop her brand in a huge way, so that this January, she’ll be debuting new classes and reaching a new, national audience via online programs and a DVD—all of which is part of expanding her overall vision.

Starting with the whole “dance cardio” thing.

“We’re offering a lot of different ways to experience AKT,” Kaiser, who prefers to call her approach “interval training,” says. “We needed a home for the brand, and now we can just explode.”

Beyond grapevines

To start, she’s adding two more non-dance-based workouts to her repertoire, S(wet) Dream and AKTread.

S(wet) Dream will be a “movement-based interval-training” class that will involve moving on multiple planes of motion and different approaches to cardio, from kickboxing to resistance bands. “It’s an option for men, and it’s also for people who are too intimidated to dance,” she says.

While AKTread, which will be offered as one-on-one sessions, is a treadmill-based workout she developed while working with private clients. Kaiser says she takes many of the movements clients are used to from her regular classes, like lateral shuffling, and applies them to the treadmill. “It’s anything but running,” she explains.

And since treadmills are easy to find, AKTread will also be released as streaming workouts online, for people to do at home or on the road. “Everyone who takes it on vacation gets comments from other people at the gym,” she laughs.

Anna Kaiser
A still from the new Anna Kaiser DVD. (Photo: AKT in Motion)

Beyond New York

Treadmill workouts aren’t the only way people in other cities will be able to get their first taste of AKT this January. Kaiser is now running a digital version of her eight-week transformation program, AKTransform, which includes daily AKT classes streamed online and nutrition advice and tips via a private Facebook group.

But the launch that will really put her in touch with people all over the country is that of her first DVD, Happy Hour, a 90-minute AKT session she filmed with two of her top trainers that kicks off with an introduction from perhaps her most high-profile client: Sarah Jessica Parker.

In the trailer for the DVD, Parker gushes about the workout. “I think that it’s a really wonderful thing that very soon people that haven’t met you personally, in the flesh, will have time with Anna Kaiser,” she says. Kaiser no doubt feels the same. —Lisa Elaine Held

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