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Ariana Grande on treadmill Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@arianagrande

Everyone has a special place personal think tank where they tend to get their best ideas. For some it’s in the shower, for others, on their commute to work. But for Ariana Grande? All the magic goes down while working out.

“I have a lot of ideas on the treadmill. If I need help writing or being creative, or coming up with an idea, [I’ll work out],” the singer told Coveteur. “I came up with the idea for the ‘Side to Side’ video on the treadmill. Usually, I’ll listen to throwback ’90s hip-hop or stuff that makes me amped.”

“I have a lot of ideas on the treadmill. If I need help writing or being creative, or coming up with an idea, [I’ll work out].”

Grande isn’t just getting a workout in while she’s actually working out, though—her trainer, Harley Pasternak, has her on the go all the time. His theory is that staying active as much as possible throughout the day helps boost her brainpower .

“He is obsessed with the step situation—getting your steps in,” Grande said of Pasternak’s 12,000-step-per-day rule. Though the star wasn’t originally into Pasternak’s literal marching orders, she ultimately concluded she feels best when she’s moving around a lot.

The next time you need a little assistance in the creativity department, take a cue from Grande, and swing by the gym for a quick sweat sesh. You never know what groundbreaking idea is just a 10-minute run away.

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