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Super-toned arms are the holy grail for any badass female (hello, flex-arm emoji). But getting them? That’s an entirely different matter—especially when you’re low on time.

No problem, says Project by Equinox and Athleta instructor Megan Roup. Just squeeze in this one-minute arm-sculpting routine for a quickie strengthening sequence.

Using a light weight, she recommends a combo of crossed punches and side arm lifts for a long, lean look. The kicker? Do the moves in a curtsy squat, and you’ll get a full-body burn, too. The easy routine is designed to be tacked on to the beginning or end of any at-home workout—or done on its own while you’re watching Netflix, of course.

Watch the video above to perfect your moves, and scroll down to snag the perfect Athleta outfit to sweat in.

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