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Ashley Olsen's Pilates workout Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@elizabethandjames

If you’ve been wondering where Ashley Olsen has been hiding these days, there’s no need to revisit the detective tips you learned from the Olsen & Olsen Mystery Agency: The actress-turned-designer can, more often than not, be found in a Pilates studio.

“She’s extremely strong and works incredibly hard,” Olsen’s trainer, Jessica Schatz, told People. “Ashley is disciplined, hard-working, and open to trying anything new.”

So what does one of her typical workouts look like? Schatz said she uses a combo of Pilates and yoga to make the sessions extra challenging.

“We do a lot of planks and variations of planks, like reverse planks, and side body core and leg work.” —Jessica Schatz, trainer

“We do a lot of planks and variations of planks, like reverse planks, and side body core and leg work. We [also] do solid floor work—whether it be from the classical Pilates mat series or my own methodology—[focusing on] full body strength, functional movement, core strength, core stability, and core control,” Schatz said. “I also combine my expertise in yoga and biomechanics to keep things tailored to her specific body.”

Olsen does exercises on a mat in addition to on a reformer, meaning a lot of the moves don’t require any equipment. Even better news? If you want to try a plank-heavy workout like an Olsen, Schatz posts plenty of exercises on her ‘gram to try out at home for free.

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