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Asphalt Green


How would you like to be in video game brought to life (a super healthy, heart-pumping one, that is)—where the studio is literally your instructor? At AsphaltGreen in New York City, you can: with its new high-tech workout, AG6.

We bet you’ve never, ever done a workout like this before, and you can be one of the first to try it.

With interactive floors and walls that light up and set the pace, circuit-based AG6 is like super Space Age high-intensity interval training class.

The majorly immersive experience (the first of its kind in North America) gives every identifiable muscle group a serious workout, and keeps your brain super engaged in beating the game at whatever it throws at you—from sprints to squats to medicine ball throws.

And, bonus! Well+Good readers can try the 45-minute class for *free* at AsphaltGreen’s Upper East Side location before May 31.

To reserve your spot today, visit (scroll down, click View All, and add an AG6 session to your cart), then use the promo code AG6WG to claim your high-tech sweat sesh.

AsphaltGreen, 555 East 90th St., New York, NY 10128