How to wear it, how to rock it: Get Alexandra Bonetti’s signature style

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Style or function? When she gets dressed each morning, Bari founder Alexandra Bonetti proves there doesn’t need to be a decision between the two, at least when it comes to activewear.

The 29-year-old falexandra-fl itness entrepreneur lives in stylish pieces that she gets from Bandier, the very chic online activewear boutique with stores in Manhattan and Southampton.

“I’m really picky and only invest in pieces that I truly love and will want to wear in heavy rotation,” says Bonetti, whose studios are in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Orange County, California.

What are her faves? She loves new brands, lots of mesh, and pops of color (ideally Bari lime!) that break her out of “that classic New Yorker dark-neutral palette.” Sometimes, she says, “it just takes a little flash of neon green or metallic to inspire me.”

She’s also a fan of layering, both for wow-factor and street style effect: “My ideal workout outfit is one that I can throw something over (a crisp, white button-down, a tailored blazer, or a rad leather jacket) and wear to meetings all day, but that also performs well in the classroom,” she explains.

“I choose pieces based on style, but Bari is an intense workout that demands a lot of movement—and produces lot of sweat!—so I want my fitness fashion choices to reflect that,” she adds.

So she’ll do a little fashion “recon” with the staff: “The Bandier girls personally test drive every item they carry, so I can ask ‘Does this hold up on the trampoline or in dance cardio?’ and get an accurate answer!” she says.

Here, dressed in head-to-toe picks from Bandier, Bonetti shows off her signature studio-to-street style and the pieces she can’t get enough of right now—complete with pops of bright Bari green, her love for mesh, and her adorable pup Yoshi.



1. Alala Bomber Jacket ($225) This one had me at “all mesh.” I love this layering piece because you can see your full outfit—be it a sports bra or tank—even when this jacket is on and zipped up.


2. Pure Lime Seamless Bra in Volcano Lime ($36) I can’t resist when a staple item comes in Bari’s colors. Everyone needs this bra in their closet—in any fun shade. We can wear so much black in New York City. This is one of those go-tos you’ll use more often than you think.


3. Phat Buddha Duffy Square Top ($55) This is one of my favorite pieces. I’m not typically a sports-bra-only kind of girl, but I feel like I could be with this bra. It’s so cool to throw under a tank or even wear as a crop top. I really like layering it over a sporty bra with a pop of neon that comes through. It really makes it an outfit.


4. Heroine Sport Performance Legging ($90) These leggings are super flattering, soft, and perform so well in action. The logo in the center of the waistband says it all: badass.


5. APL Techloom Pro Sneaker ($140) We bounce on trampolines as part of our workout at Bari, and these sneakers have that same “running on clouds” feeling. Plus I love the laces.


6. Labyrinth Luna Q Pix Bag ($195) I love adding a pop of metallic to my workout outfits! It makes me happy. Also, this doubles as reflective nighttime street safety in New York.



For more information on Alexandra’s picks or to shop the entire Bandier collection, visit


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