Barre3 just became the biggest boutique studio video platform

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Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln was ahead of the curve when it came to taking her mega-popular barre workout to the virtual masses, and she just debuted a platform upgrade that brings personal guidance from instructors to the online fitness space in a new way.

“I wanted to humanize the online experience,” Lincoln says. “I wanted a more real-time relationship. We are ‘give generous’ people and we want to connect more to that part of our brand mission.”

To that end, the just-launched Barre3 Online (starting at $25 per month) includes a new workout posted every Monday combined with a discussion forum that gives you access to the instructor featured in the video, who acts as a guide for that week. “People comment like crazy and proactively reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram, and now we’ll have a place for real conversation,” Lincoln explains. (When you sign up, you also get regular emails from”Tiffany,” a concierge who suggests workouts and offers encouragement, a touch I felt was pretty motivating.)

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You also can access recipes and meal plan ideas (the brand worked with a nutritionist on them) and more than 250 Barre3 workout videos in the library, which are sortable via length, props needed, and focus (core, upper body, etc.), and a Barre3 Anywhere challenge launching June 1 includes lots of perks for 90 days of pulsing and toning.

The biggest of which, of course, may be that you can do these workouts anywhere (hence the name)—and since the season of summer travel is upon us, that’s a major plus. Lincoln shared this quick, no-prop, total-body workout, below, for you to reference between beach bumming and garden parties.

Barre3 Strong + Balanced: Total Body Workout

You might be working out at home, but you can still look cute: Pull on a pair of (super stylish) cropped leggings and try an of-the-moment high-ponytail.

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