How to have your strongest year ever in 2017

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Wherever your feelings about New Year’s resolutions fall on the spectrum (from “Can’t wait to get started!” to “Is it February yet?”), we can all agree on one thing: They are hard to keep.

So, where do you find that balance—preferably somewhere between a restrictive cleanse-and-HIIT combo and falling into a Netflix hole (before you even get started)?

The people behind the endorphin-boosting, whole-body workout barre3 have an answer: B3 ALL IN. Led by barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln and Frank Lipman, MD, this four-week program is designed to kick-start your workouts, nourish your body, and make you feel like you own 2017. 

“This program is about centering your mind and working your entire body for peak performance,” says Lincoln. And no: That does not mean exercising yourself into exhaustion.

“Nothing about this program is about attaching yourself to an unrealistic ideal or pushing yourself so hard you drop out,” she explains. The goal, rather, is “to empower each individual to make exercise and eating well something that is doable and incredibly results-oriented.” (That deserves a high-five.)

Photo: Barre3
Photo: Barre3

To wit: The total-body plan—which can be done in 100-plus barre3 studios across the country or via online streaming videos—includes five heart-pumping workouts a week. You’ll get all the bonuses of the signature barre3 workout, which is designed to sculpt long, lean muscles starting with small, targeted exercises and moving to big movements—all of which build serious strength.

But it’s not all about getting in quality sweat sessions. When you sign up, you’ll also get access to a live community board (where you can get guidance from trainers and nutritionists and chat with other users) and a 95-page handbook with a recipe-packed meal plan that’s basically the antithesis of crash dieting.

“We are not about deprivation, counting calories, or copying what works for other people,” Lincoln explains. “Instead, we are about showing you how to adapt recipes and nutrition habits into your life in a way that brings the joy back into being healthy.”

Think: golden milk smoothies, squash and black bean quinoa bowls, and root veggie tacos with salsa verde. Designed in collaboration with Well+Good Wellness Council member Dr. Frank Lipman, the philosophy adheres to a combo of veggies, protein, whole grains, and healthy fats. The nutrient-filled recommendations are meant to keep you full (with mega fiber) and totally energized (with serious protein fuel like salmon).

There are even journaling exercises to make sure you’re taking time to check in with yourself and creating lasting routines for a healthier 2017.

Says Lincoln: “This is not an extreme challenge, this is about finding a way to get to your A-game in a sustainable and authentic way.” Amen to that.

Ready to get moving? Sign up for B3 ALL IN at

Top photo: barre3

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