Barry’s Bootcamp has big (sweaty) news

athleta_biathlon_5 Barry’s Bootcamp is already one of the most well-known (and beloved) boutique fitness brands, with a total of 18 locations across the country and in Norway and the United Kingdom—but it’s about to get much bigger.

Private equity firm North Castle Partners—which invests exclusively in wellness brands like Equinox and Naked Juice—announced a major investment in the company this week (at an undisclosed amount) that will help Barry’s expand its presence in new and existing cities. We hope you like intervals…

To do that, COO Joey Gonzalez (also a crazy popular New York City instructor) has been named CEO, taking over the reigns from John Mumford. “North Castle loves the community that we’ve built, and the brand loyalty our consumers feel for Barry’s,” Gonzalez says. “They don’t want that to change. The goal is to scale out while maintaining the Barry’s community feel.”

So what does that mean for your workouts?

Over the next 18 months, Gonzalez says that Barry’s will be building out new studios, with five or six total locations in Los Angeles, 10 to 12 locations in New York City (never complain about waiting to shower again?!), and additional locations in the Bay Area and other yet-to-be-named cities where Barry’s Bootcamp does not yet exist (start guessing!). All of the new studios will be built in the signature Barry’s Bootcamp style with full locker rooms and Fuel Bars.

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Gonzalez will also be relocating to LA to build out a new Barry’s Bootcamp headquarters with a team of industry experts to help him “scale Barry’s out in a thoughtful way,” and (sadly!) will be doing a little less teaching.

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“There are a lot of moving parts for us in terms of partnerships to retail and digital opportunities that we haven’t explored fully,” he explains. “I’ll be able to sit in the cockpit and take us in a specific direction while collaborating with advisers on a number of different levels.” While no details are confirmed, we’re thinking an expanded Barry’s Bootcamp clothing line and Fuel Bar menu.

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And while the investment is taking Barry’s Bootcamp from a family-run brand to more of a corporate one, Gonzalez says that the overall priorities haven’t changed.

“For North Castle to put me in the CEO position was an indication that they want us to continue to do exactly what we’ve been doing,” he says. “This is a family and it always has been, and a long time ago I stepped into the father figure role. I care deeply for everyone who works for Barry’s. That won’t change.” —Jamie McKillop

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(Photo: Larkin Clark for Well+Good)

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