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Barry's Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp is finally (almost) finished with its marathon race to the Upper East Side.

The crazy-popular treadmill and strength-training workout just signed the lease on a new boutique studio at East 64th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan—after a three-year-long search “for the perfect location,” says COO Joey Gonzalez.

“Although we’re definitely a downtown workout concept, the original plan was always to open an uptown location right after we opened Chelsea,” he says. “The search for real estate has made that very difficult.” Indeed, Barry’s managed to open an outsize Noho location in the meantime.

The new studio uptown, set to open in late fall, also is equally huge: It’s housed in a former movie theater (yup), and will hold 25 treadmills. The entrance is on the ground floor, and a staircase and elevator lead to the sweaty action one flight up. It’s also where the Fuel Bar and locker rooms are. And while floor plan details are still being ironed out, Gonzalez says there will be five showers for women and four showers for men.

This will be the fourth Barry’s Bootcamp location in New York City, and it will become part of an already uber-fit neighborhood, with Fhitting Room, Flywheel, and SLT locations around the corner.

“Eighty percent of our Hamptons crowd is from the Upper East Side or somewhere uptown,” Gonzalez says. “We have a lot of extremely devoted clients that travel to our downtown studios.” Soon, they’ll be able to use that time for other pursuits, like fueling up before a grueling Hard CORE Abs session. —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit

Barry’s Bootcamp Upper East Side, 300 E. 64th St., New York, NY, 10065

(Photo: Barry’s Bootcamp)