3 ways to sweat like a fitness insider this March

ECA World Fitness For trainers and fitness instructors, the ECA/OBOW World Fitness Conference is like the healthy food world’s Expo West or the tech industry’s CES.

Each year, it gives fitness pros three days to present new methods and class innovations, learn from each others’ techniques, and scout workout trends.

While it’s built for industry insiders, workout enthusiasts are welcome, too, and this year’s event—from March 19 to 22 at the Marriott in Times Square—includes presentations that would appeal to an even broader swath of the wellness-interested.

Marc Bubbs, ND, is leading sessions on the hot topic of hormones related to weight-loss and dairy’s place in a healthy diet, for example, while Jordan Metzl, MD, will speak about whether doctors should prescribe exercise (his answer, we predict, is yes), and Destructively Fit founder Jodi Rubin will address eating disorders among athletes.

Fitness classes are still the focus, though, so we rounded up three stand-out ones that will appeal to a few different workout personalities, in case you want to HIIT up (ha!) the conference for the first time this year. —Jamie McKillop


Ignite Freedom From the Inside Out with Tara Stiles
The Strala Yoga founder and celebrity yogi provides you with a toolkit for freedom and ease in your yoga practice (even during your one hundredth chaturanga). Thurs., March 19, 6:00–8:00 p.m.


Core Fusion Barre Intensive with Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito
The Core Fusion co-creators are like royalty in the barre world, so if you love the workout, you might as well learn from the best. Here, they’ll demonstrate the foundation and “sacred” elements of the original Lotte Berk method that inspired the workout. Thurs., March 19, 2:00–6:00 p.m.


ReXist360 HIIT with Shay Kostabi
Join the bicoastal star instructor (pictured) for a totally fun high-intensity strength and cardio session using the jack-up-your-workout Rexist360 resistance bands. They slip around your legs (and stay put) to make you work harder. Sat., March 21, 10:30-11:30 a.m.

For more information, visit www.ecaworldfitness.com

(Photo: Shay Kostabi, ReXist360)


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