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Yelps' Best-Rated Gyms Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/@bonninstudio

Finding a solid, heart-racing workout with an all-star instructor is hard enough. But throw in good music, a clean and sanitary locker room, and excellent additional amenities and you’ve hit the boutique fitness jackpot.

You could visit every studio in town to find your fave, but that could take a long time (think of all that wasted fitness zen). Or you could zero in on it in a just few clicks via crowdsourcing fave Yelp.

Yes, your go-to for hunting down the most-popular restaurants in a three-block radius of your exact location is also a prime resource for finding the best-rated fitness studios across the country from gym regulars just like you. Those (very, very detailed) reviews don’t lie!

A Yelp insider crunched the back-end numbers to exclusively share with Well+Good which boutique fitness spots are five-star material.

Scroll down to see the highest-ranked fitness studios across the country, according to Yelp.

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Basic Training San Francisco
Photo: Facebook/Basic Training

25. Basic Training: San Francisco, CA

24. [email protected] Fitness: Chicago, IL

23. Box ‘N Burn Boxing & Fitness Gym: Santa Monica, CA

22. Studio Barre: Encinitas, CA

21. 3rd Street Boxing Gym: San Francisco, CA


Best fitness studios according to Yelp
Photo: Facebook/TheStudioMDR

20. Modo Yoga: Las Vegas, NV

19. CKO Kickboxing: Astoria, NY

18. Xtend Barre By the Sea: Oceanside, CA

17. Dogpound: New York, NY

16. The Studio MDR: Marina Del Rey, CA


Throwback Fitness
Photo: Facebook/Throwback Fitness

15. Throwback Fitness: New York, NY

14. EC Fitness: Honolulu, HI

13. Urban Boxing DC: Washington, D.C.

12. The Bar Method: Honolulu, HI

11. Pure Barre Phoenix: Phoenix, AZ


Avant Barre
Photo: Facebook/Avant Barre

10. Total Training: Laguna Hills, CA

9. Barry’s Bootcamp: San Diego, CA

8. Aesthetic Bodies OC: Irvine, CA

7. Avant-Barre: San Francisco, CA

6. Training Mate West Hollywood: West Hollywood, CA


Orange Theory Fitness
Photo: Facebook/Orange Theory Fitness

5. Presto Fitness: North Hollywood, CA

4. Sweat Strength + Cycling: Oakland, CA

3. ToddPilates Fitness Studios: Austin, TX

2. Crossfit Humanity: San Diego, CA

1. Orangetheory Fitness Melrose: Los Angeles, CA

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