The cheekiest moves for your best butt, according to celebs

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Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

Booties have been having a major moment in the last few years.

But while some may think the attention to the derriere is thanks to a handful of well-endowed celebrities, the trend can also be credited to growing number of women who seriously lift and squat their way to strong glutes. From CrossFitters to barre mavens, focusing on your seat isn’t just reserved for pop stars—it’s all part of the fitness package these days.

While it’s impossible to spot-target your backside to J.Lo levels, some celebs have perfected the art of rounding out (sorry) their full-body workouts to include moves that create serious curves.

From supermodels to music icons, scroll down to see how the fittest celebs are keeping it cheeky.

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Photo: Instagram/@karliekloss

Karlie Kloss

The model is always looking for new ways to keep up with her fitness. But no matter if she’s practicing yoga with thousands or taking on one-on-one sessions with the dance cardio master Anna Kaiser, Kloss makes sure to keep her tush in tip-top shape.

One her favorite butt-toning moves? A classic plank with a leg lift, which isolates the glutes and fires up the core. Because no challenge is too tough for Kloss, she throws in a Bosu ball for good measure (and balance). Try alternating legs, holding each one up for at least 30 seconds.


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Lais Ribeiro

The Brazilian Victoria’s Secret model loves to do Pilates to keep her entire body fit, she also loves her tried-and-true squats. “[Squats] are never fun to do, but are totally effective,” she explained to Vogue. The model also credits her fit figure with help from fitness power sessions with celeb trainers Simone De La Rue and Nicole Winhoffer.

kate hudson working out
Photo: Instagram/@katehudson

Kate Hudson

The super-fit actress always caters her workout to whatever mood she’s in, but she’s always sure to fit in some glute work. Even when trying out boxing or Taryn Toomey’s The Class, the star loves to keep a regular backside-burning date with Pilates. When she can’t make it to a reformer, she hits up  QE2, a full-body routine created by her Pilates teacher, Nicole Stuart. “I love [it] because each workout is only five minutes long,” she says. “When I’m in a hotel room and feeling jet-lagged, I can do one or two and it really gets me going.”

Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

Gigi Hadid

The supermodel has to be in tip-top shape for wherever her jet-setting career takes her, so she opts for the extreme benefits of boxing. Luckily for you, her boxing coach and owner of Gotham G-BOX, Rob Piela, shared Hadid’s workout for making the most of her visits—including her favorite glute-toning exercise. “On all fours, extend your right leg with a bent knee, then abduct your hips and move your right leg out, and bring it back in to the middle of your body,” he explains. Piela notes that you should keep your back straight while also leaning into the opposite hip. (Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time.) Try doing three sets of 20 on both sides.

Photo: Instagram/@trentinireal

Caroline Trentini

As a mother of two, the model doesn’t have a ton of time to dedicate to her fitness pursuits. Instead of wasting away hours at the gym, Trentini works out with her trainer for 45 minutes to an hour, doing what she calls “functional fighting,” AKA a sport that mixes fighting with functional exercises. “It mixes boxing, jumping jacks, skipping, and Muay Thai—the kicks especially help tone my butt. That’s my secret!” she says.

Photo: Instagram/@adrianalima

Adriana Lima

Although Adriana Lima’s job is all about getting pretty, the supermodel is not afraid to get a little sweaty (okay, a lot) for fitness—as evidenced by her many soaked selfies on Instagram. The Brazilian beauty shared her favorite tips for working out her backside, and her approach requires some simple moves with serious commitment: “Getting a tight backside is really about squats, burpees, and running,” she says. “You need a combination of moves to keep it lifted.”

Photo: Instagram/@madonna


The iconic singer has worked hard to keep her spot at the top of the musical charts for decades—and her physical fitness pursuits have been just as rigorous. As one who frequently hits the stage in derrière-baring leotards, she pays special attention to her behind and regularly consults experts to get serious cardio-sculpting help (she’s another famous client of Winhoffer’s). Utilizing just a chair and body weight, Winhoffer shares her three go-to moves for sculpting the queen of pop’s backside. From toe taps to something called the “butt plumper,” Winhoffer has nailed the results-driven sequence that can be done anywhere.

Celebs may have access to world-renowned trainers and gyms, but they still love a good plank—and they’ve come up with lots of variations to pump up the intensity. And when it comes to diets, find out why the 80/20 diet reigns supreme among the rich and famous


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