Best of 2011: Good Sweat

Who are New York's healthiest celebs? Which yoga studios have the best 60-minute classes? We reveal our favorite fitness and yoga articles in Good Sweat this year.
(Photo: Flickr/Lululemon)


The week leading up to the New Year is always a time of reflection. You’ve cleared the stressful holiday hurdles and the fun of New Year’s Eve is all that’s left.

It’s also a time of year when every publication churns out their best-of lists so that editors can unplug and take a freaking vacation. And we’re no different.

This week we’ll be highlighting our favorite stories in each category—Good Sweat, Good Looks, Good Escapes, Good Advice, and Good Food.

Plus our picks for the Fridge Look Books that made us smile, laugh, or change our diets—and the most controversial stories we reported this year.

Here are our top five, in no particular order. Let us know if we missed your favorites! Happy Holidays from Well+Good. See you in 2012!

1. Five biggest fitness cults
Certain studios inspire cult-like devotion, and have sparked communities of fitness-obsessed followers. These 5 fascinating workouts are lifestyles unto themselves.

2. The best 60-minute yoga classes in New York City
Isn’t it ironic that in our time-pressed city, 90-minute yoga classes dominate studio schedules? Well+Good’s best places to get your Om on in a hour.

3. Jade vs. Manduka: Yoga mat throw down
Competition is alive on the yoga mat, er, about the mat, where New York City yogis count themselves in camp Jade or Manduka. Which is the best mat in class?

4. New York City’s 10 healthiest celebrities
Forget L.A. Many of the healthiest celebrities are New Yorkers devoted to the city’s yoga studios and juice bars. Well+Good picks the 10 healthiest celebs in town.

5. New York’s fastest growing group of yogis? Kids
With yoga classes all their own at children’s studios, adult studios, and schools, kids and teens are the fastest growing group of yogis in New York City.

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