Best of 2012: Good Sweat

Find out what fitness stories were the best of 2012. Hint: CrossFit took off with women, you loved texting trainers, and learning where celebs worked out.

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The last week of the year is a natural time for reflection. It’s also a time when publications churn out best-of lists so that editors can unplug (sort of) and (hopefully) take a vacation. That includes us.

Over the week, we’ll be highlighting our favorite stories in categories like Good Sweat and Good Food, plus the Most Controversial and Most Feel-Good stories of the year. All of these “Best of” stories made readers click, comment, think, and smile. Some probably led to diet or workout changes; some inspired 2013 resolutions.

Here are our best Good Sweat stories from 2012, in no particular order. Let us know, in the Comments, below, if we missed your favorite. Happy Holidays from Well+Good. See you in 2013!

1. New York City’s most expensive trainers
New York City is full of marquee-name personal trainers known for chiseling the bodies of their celebrity clients. We dish on what you’ll pay for a workout.

2. Why CrossFit is seducing more women
“Women are finally catching on that they won’t bulk up if they do CrossFit,” says one CrossFit coach. One reason why more women are joining the CrossFit craze.

3. 50 and fabulous: These 7 women prove that fitness is the fountain of youth
Exercise is the ultimate anti-aging product. Need proof? Check out these 7 gorgeous, vibrant women—all of whom are fitness and yoga devotees (and pros).

Brynn Jinnett4. Why crunches won’t give you flat abs, and will hurt your body
At city fitness studios, planks are replacing crunches. Brynn Jinnett, of the Refine Method, explains why that’s great news for your core—and the rest of you.

5. Fitness studios that celebrities love
It’s no longer unusual to be in a spin or a barre class with an A-list celeb. We did an inventory of the fitness hot spots that draw them in.

6. The trainers who text you
You thought it was nice when your trainer got you a clean towel? We talked to top trainers to find out the incredible lengths they go to for elite clients.

7. What’s your workout dosha?
From an Ayurvedic perspective, the workout you’re most drawn to may be the one your body needs the least. Find out which workout is really best for you.

8. Are you holding your weights wrong?
Do you grip your weights like the car steering wheel during a blizzard? Then you could be missing out on the merits of picking them up at all.

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