Best of Summer: Fitness and yoga news

The healthiest New York fitness and yoga news you may have missed.
stacey griffith
SoulCycle’s Stacey Griffith inspires fitness monogamy among riders.


Hopefully, you’ve been keeping up with your Well+Good reading all summer long.

But if between jaunts to the Hamptons and beach days in the Rockaways you ditched the laptop for toteable, trashy paperbacks and missed a few things here, we totally understand.

So, we’re rounding up our best stories of the summer to give you another chance to catch up on the latest healthy New York news before the frenzy of fall sets in.

Here are the best fitness and yoga news stories you may have missed this summer:

5 fitness facts that studies say probably aren’t true
Gretchen Reynolds’ new book “The First 20 Minutes” is like a Myth Busters episode devoted to exercise science. We share 5 findings that will change your workout.

Fitness Monogamy: Why more people are sweating allegiance to one instructor
These days, instructor loyalty among some exercisers runs much deeper than studio allegiance. There’s a new term to describe them—fitness monogamists.

Do my quads look big on this spin bike?

Does spinning lead to bulky quads?
Is the popular cardio workout a cause of thicker thighs, or is this an urban fitness myth spun out of control? We investigate.

The fitness trainers who text you
You thought it was nice when your trainer got you a clean towel? We talked to top trainers to find out the incredible lengths they go to for elite clients.

New York State decides yoga classes are not subject to city sales tax
Many New York City yoga studios dodged a bullet this week, as the New York State Department of Taxation decided that yoga classes are not subject to sales tax.

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