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What are the best songs for a running playlist?

runningspotifyWelcome to our every-so-often series of questions to discover how you, our readers, live a super interesting, healthy life. We totally invite you to dish on your habits, preferences, and know-how in the Comments, and we may even use our favorite ones in an up-coming article! This week we wanted to know…

What are the best songs for a killer running playlist?

This week you shared your favorite workout tunes with us, and now we’re thinking many of you must moonlight as (fitness) DJs.

To help you benefit from each others’ music libraries, we compiled some of the best suggestions into one awesome, motivating Spotify playlist.

So lace up and get ready for your best run ever, with 35 ultimate running songs to choose from, courtesy of Well+Good readers.

See last week’s Reader Q&A results: Well+Good readers name their 10 favorite workout leggings…