The biggest fitness myths of 2016

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Think you’ve got sweat smarts?

We know you do, but there’s still a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to how to create a workout routine that’s effective, safe, and really works for you. Plus, it can be hard to keep up with how the advice top trainers give is constantly changing based on new research. (Crunches are great! Crunches are awful! Crunches aren’t that bad!)

As usual, we’re here to help. We did lots of work getting to the bottom of common and trending fitness philosophies over the past year, and we’re revisiting those stories in case you missed them (and are planning on getting in tip-top shape in 2017).

Keep reading as we bust the biggest fitness myths of the year…

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Listen to your body
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Myth: More exercise always leads to more weight loss

Depending on your routine, your workouts could actually be sabotaging your metabolism.

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Myth: High-intensity interval training is only for the super-fit

In fact, HIIT is just as safe as less-intense forms of exercise, and there are more than a few reasons it’s great for exercise newbies.

Model workouts
Photo: Instagram/@gigihadid

Myth: You’ll look like a model if you train like one

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to box at the same gym as Gigi Hadid, as long as you keep these facts in mind.

weightlifting for women
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Myth: More reps always equals more strength

A case for picking up heavier weights and lifting them just a few times, slowly.

things to do after a workout
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Myth: Your workout ends when you stop sweating

What you do after you put down the weights definitely affects how your body reacts to the work you put in.

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Myth: Becoming a better runner is all about mileage

Increasing your speed and distance without getting injured is more complex than just lacing up and pounding the pavement.

working out while pregnant
Photo: BodyLove Pilates

Myth: The only workout you can do while pregnant is Pilates

Research is increasingly pointing to how safe and beneficial many forms of exercise are for both mom and baby.

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Myth: Crunches are an awful way to work your abs

They’re not the choice of most trainers, but there are ways to do them right.


how to do a pull-up 3

Myth: Women can’t do pull-ups

These seven tips could help you finally conquer the tough fitness goal.

lifting weights
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Myth: Lifting light weights is useless

New research shows working muscles to fatigue via lots of reps can be just as effective as reaching for heavier kettlebells.

running myths
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Myth: You should always stretch before a run

Why that’s not always the case, plus 10 other common running myths.

Now that you are ready to work smart at the gym, why not revamp your post-workout routine? Here are nine miracle beauty products to help you clean up—and then some—après sweat—check out our comprehensive guide to after-class smoothies.

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