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SoulCycle appClear some space on your iPhone, because mega fitness brand SoulCycle has (finally!) launched an app.

Riders have been tapping their spin shoes, impatiently waiting for the day when they wouldn’t have to work their Monday meeting schedule around being at their laptop at noon to book a bike in their favorite class. The app is destined to make your relationship with your boss and understanding colleagues much easier. (You can discreetly type on your phone under the conference room table, right?)

The cleanly designed hub (all white and yellow, natch) allows you to sign up for classes at any one of the 37 studios, check your account, learn about instructors, and share your ride (and enthusiasm) with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

The development has been a long time coming. In 2013, SoulCycle hinted on Instagram that an app would launch that summer. Now, two years, dozens of studios, and countless 45-minute dance parties later, they’re finally celebrating its release.

For a brand that’s always been a fitness pioneer, they’re just a little behind on the tech front. Flywheel has had an app for quite some time, as has Pure Barre and YogaWorks. But other big brands, like Barry’s Bootcamp, have yet to go mobile. And considering it’s going to enable you to get a bike in Stacey Griffith’s class from a beach towel on vacation, the wait will all have been worth it. —Molly Gallagher

For more information, visit and check out the app