Cheat Sheet: Everything you need to know about the boxing workout boom

Overthrow Boxing

And the hottest workout of the summer is…you guessed it, boxing.

Over the past year, the demanding, full-body sport has been taking the fitness scene by storm—in New York City, Los Angeles, and beyond—with new studio openings and tons of celebrity fans who swear by its calorie-burning, muscle-building, and stress-relieving benefits.

Haven’t hopped in the ring yet? We’ve got everything you need to read to be in-the-know about the trending workout. Read up, and you’ll be throwing expert hooks in no time. —Emily Karr

1. 5 Questions for Victoria’s Secret model and boxing badass Adriana Lima
The Brazilian supermodel dishes on how punches and plyometrics keep her fit.

2. First Workout Report: Shadowbox gives boxing the boutique fitness treatment
Shadowbox in Manhattan polished up the discipline of boxing and made it luxe and pretty in a whole new sweaty way.

3. The badass workout models can’t get enough of 
Boxing, the sport known for black eyes and bloody noses, is now the workout of choice for fashion’s most beautiful faces. Here’s why.

4. Class Action: The boxing class that feels like a boot camp
Title Boxing Club says it has more in common with Barry’s Bootcamp (think: intervals and intensity) than other boutique boxing studios.

5. The dive bar of New York City’s boxing boom
In a historic building that saw many battles for social change, the underground studio of Overthrow Boxing is now wrapping New Yorkers’ hands for throwing punches.

6. Fashion models can’t get enough of boxing 
A-list models are taking over boxing gyms (and Instagram) with their love for the intense workout. Here are 8 known for their hot jab-cross combos.

7. Kettlebells and boxing gloves join forces
BFX’s new fusion class, Box and Bell, combines kettlebell and heavy bag boxing intervals for a full-body workout.

8. 5 ways Laila Ali is staying strong out of the ring
The retired—and undefeated—boxing champ is into treadmill sprints, making flawless green smoothies, and not beating herself up.

9. Class Action: RumbleFit is Soho’s new indie kickboxing workout
Downtown’s new boxing workout will have you running laps, wearing gloves, and throwing punches in a super-size loft used for photo shoots.

10. Women’s boxing: An Olympic sport— and thriving in New York
Want to hone your one-two punch? There’s a thriving community of glove-wielding female fitness trainers in New York ready to show you the ropes.

(Photo: Overthrow NYC)

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