Your fall toolkit: Work out shorter and harder, says Brett Hoebel

Jackpot! The celebrity trainer explains why super-short workouts that actually fit into your schedule will help you stay fit and energized this season.
(Photo: Brett Hoebel)
(Photo: Brett Hoebel)

Ready for your healthiest, most successful fall ever? We asked top wellness experts for smart yet simple tips that will help keep you focused, productive, and stress-free all season long—whether you’re on a land-a-promotion track or a healthier eating mission.

For your fall toolkit: Work out less, and harder

Celebrity trainer (Biggest Loser Season 11), Creator of 20 Minute Body, Brett Hoebel, explains

Shorter workouts, done more frequently, are the key to higher productivity and increased energy, period. Not only are they easier to fit into my schedule, they disable me from making excuses of “not having enough time.”

With hour-long workouts, I find myself looking at the clock after thirty minutes, thinking about something other than what’s going on in the moment. Shorter workouts keep me present and inspire me to be consistent in my workout schedule, which is when I start to see real results—which in turn are self-motivating. When I know I don’t have to work out for as long, I train harder and make the most out of those precious 15 or 20 minutes. I have to go ALL OUT.

Lastly, participating in High Intensity Interval Training (a short, intense workout) helps to rev up your metabolism and creates the “afterburn” effect, helping you to burn calories even after you are done working out. —Jamie McKillop

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