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The popular Megaformer studio is spreading out across Brooklyn and getting some fancy new fitness equipment.
(Photo: Brooklyn Bodyburn)
(Photo: Brooklyn Bodyburn)


Williamsburg’s popular Megaformer studio Brookyn Bodyburn announced this week that it will open a second location this June, in Cobble Hill.

The second studio, at 296 Court Street, will be less than a block from Pure Barre’s recently opened Brooklyn studio—which is kind of funny given Pure Barre is working on opening a studio on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, just a couple blocks from the original Brooklyn Bodyburn. (Outer borough fitness battle?)

Brooklyn Bodyburn Cobble Hill will be nearly a carbon copy of the original, says owner Tracy Carlinsky, with a similar size, layout, and design aesthetic, plus an identical price structure. Instructors, including four new recruits, will travel between the two studios. (Wish them luck!)

To prevent shiny-new sweat space jealousy, Carlinsky is also furnishing the Williamsburg studio with Megaformer guru Sebastien Lagree’s newest machine, the M3S, which simplifies the process of changing springs (the mechanisms that control resistance).

“The updated spring connections make changing springs seamless, so you can transition between exercises with ease,” she says. “Translation: less rest, more sweat.”—Lisa Elaine Held

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