Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp gets a new venue—your living room

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp may use the New York City landmark as its jungle gym. But with a new DVD, you can now get your butt kicked by its founder anywhere.

Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp uses that iconic bridge as its jungle gym. But with the launch of its first DVD this week, you can get your butt kicked by its kindly commander Ariane Hundt anywhere in the world.

And the Bridge will be there with you, since Hundt shot the DVD on location. Whereas most workout DVDs are shot in cliche locales like Hawaiian beaches or in Southwestern deserts, with cheesy accompanying music, Hundt shot hers where her workout was born, traffic surround sound and all.

“The DVD combines the best of both worlds,” Hundt says. “You can kick your own butt at home, and still get the amazing Manhattan skyline view.”

And Hundt’s workout co-stars are the real deal—Lisa, Christine, Jared, Patrick, and Ify are five regular Boot Campers who’ve seen great personal results on the New York City fitness program.

As for the workout, you can expect Hundt’s signature moves—squat jumps, lunges, pushups, and lots of resistance band work—all aimed at giving you a high-intensity total-body workout in 55 minutes.

Brooklyn Bridge Bootcamp DVD As the team runs across the Bridge, the screen splits and demonstrates cardio moves you can do instead, just in case your apartment doesn’t include a track or treadmill (if it does, we hate you).

Will non-New Yorkers fall for the idea of the Brooklyn Bridge as an obstacle course?

It’s not just the location that’s appealing, says Hundt. “But also the highly effective moves that transform your body fast.” —Lisa Elaine Held

Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD, $35, includes an exercise guide and resistance bands,

Want to try the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp DVD for free?
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