Burn, baby, burn: A studio specializing in High-Intensity Interval Training debuts

Classes at The Fhitting Room, scheduled to open in mid-December on the Upper East Side, are all interval-based and under an hour.
intense intervals
High intensity will be the name of the game at The Fhitting Room. (Note: The studio pictured here is NOT the Fhitting Room—it’s currently filled with contractors.)


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is having a moment on the New York fitness scene, and a new Upper East Side studio wants to be its HQ.

The Fhitting Room is scheduled to open in mid-December at Lexington and 80th Street with small group, interval-training-only classes that are all under an hour. (The funky spelling of studio name is is meant to reference HIIT.)

Former marketing executive Kari Saitowitz is opening studio with her long-time personal trainer Kristian Flores, a New York Sports Club veteran who inspired her with his results-oriented approach to fitness.

“When I first started high-intensity training, I thought ‘Woah, is this a secret recipe?'” she says. “I’m 20 pounds lighter than I was 10 years ago!” Two of Flores’ fellow NYSC trainers, Eric Salvador and Yusuf Jeffers, are also on board as lead instructors.

Every class will include a “Fhix” or “Functional high intensity mix” of five components:

1. Functional movements that “we do in everyday life,” Saitowitz says, like pushing and pulling.

2. Loaded strength. “We feel very strongly that to get optimal results, lifting heavy weights is an important part of the puzzle,” she says.

The studio’s motto.

3. High-intensity intervals.

4. A total-body focus. “No abs or arm days.”

5. Highly varied exercises. “Workouts are different each day, and there’s variety in every class,” she explains.

The studio is currently getting a custom design to match the unique HIIT-only concept, with two pull-up bars running the length of the studio and space for medicine balls, kettlebells, and agility ladders.

As for who will fill the Fhitting Room’s classes, Saitowitz says that while she expects her trainers to bring in many of their loyal clients, she’s also excited to tap the Upper East Side women whose lives look a lot like her own. “I want it to be very easy for a mom walking through the neighborhood with a stroller to see it and come in and workout with us,” she says. Classes are capped at 15 people.

And if it’s successful, the Harvard Business School grad is ready to gun it. “If we see that the concept is working and people are loving it, I’ll be looking for more real estate at that first moment,” she says. —Lisa Elaine Held

Classes will cost $35 (with discounts for packages), www.fhittingroom.com

Update: As of December 21, Kristian Flores will no longer be part of the team at the Fhitting Room. Eric Salvador will be the head instructor.

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