BurnThis ditches its booking platform and debuts a social app

(Photo: BurnThis/Hilary Hall)
(Photo: BurnThis)
In the new app, you can post and share motivating images like this one. (Photo: BurnThis)

Remember when the BurnThis app debuted last year, with the goal of making it easier to book boutique fitness classes? Well, the company’s not doing that any more. It’s eliminating booking entirely, had a makeover, and become a sleek new social media app that wants to fuel and inspire your healthy eating and fitness-filled lifestyle.

The new app has a motivational focus and it’s a mashup of your other favorite social sites—think half-Pinterest and half-Instagram for the workout-loving and clean eating set. You can share fitness and food photos, and scroll through for inspiration to get your butt in gear when you’re thinking about skipping your spin class.

Photo: BurnThis
A sample of the BurnThis feed (Photo: BurnThis)

According to BurnThis, the change is user-driven. “We’d originally conceived of it as a social booking app for boutique fitness classes,” says co-founder Anna Kohanski Mason. “As BurnThis continued to grow, we started receiving many requests from people all over the world. They all wanted the same thing: the ability to share and communicate with each other around fitness more globally.” The app lets you create a profile, put inspiring text on photos, select filters like “Sweaty” and “Accomplish,” and  more.

So wait…is a social app where you can sign up for a class actually not something users want? Maybe.

Last year, BurnThis inherited the subscribers of boutique fitness booking site Fitist, after they eliminated their booking platform. There’s no word on where all those people will book now that neither service will exist—they could turn to Go Recess, or its recently launched offshoot FitReserve, which still feature booking. But if other companies are shuttering the service, it seems that the concept—while convenient in theory—might not be useful in reality.

For now, you’ll have inspirational memes and fitness followers on BurnThis to get motivated to get to class …once you’ve booked it yourself. —Molly Gallagher

For more information, and to download the app, visit www.burnthis.com

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