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Try going to a dinner party without someone chatting about something hot, new, or interesting in wellness. Impossible!

More and more people are as curious about (or obsessed with, in our case) the next workout, the newest health-boosting superfood, or cool healthy experiences as we are.

So we’ve tapped the wellness luminaries at the forefront of them for our new Talking Wellness Trends video series, shot at the super-healthy EVEN Hotels. Watch them for all the exciting things happening on the wellness scene right now.

Here, Anna Kaiser—trainer to the stars and powerhouse behind the dance cardio boom (thanks in large part to her studio, AKT in Motion)—outlines the major differences between buzzy cardio and strength training programs, along with how often you should be sweating through each.

Watch it above, and then catch our other expert videos:

• The four hottest superfoods to try right now, according to Zach Adelman, the founder of smoothie-loving company Navitas Naturals.

• Where Nightline news anchor Dan Harris talks about “the PR problem” that prevents people from meditating.

• And Tess Roering, of Core Power Yoga, the country’s largest yoga brand, talks about the effects of Instagram on yoga.