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Running is good for you in a million ways, but training for a race puts serious stress on your body, too.

And after all of that work logging miles, the worst thing that can happen is getting injured before you even get to the starting line.

Here are seven must-read stories to help you avoid that fate this season. —Jamie McKillop

1. Marathon maintenance: How to prevent running injuries
Heat stroke isn’t the only thing that can take down a runner. How about an injury that could have been prevented? Experts explain how to stay healthy while training.

2. Got an injury and a race? How acupuncture keeps you in training
Why those with an injury who can’t take a few days off—like marathoners, Broadway dancers, and high-heel addicts—use acupuncture to keep going.

3. 3 reasons you should really add yoga to your race training plan
The things most runners really need (besides sneakers and mileage), you can get from adding yoga to your training plan, says Nike Master Trainer Traci Copeland.

4. Running Rx: What to do when your workout wrecks your toenails
Runners need their toenails. New York podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine shares her tips for keeping them—and tending to them when they’re black-and-blue, or worse.

5. The super important training component that most runners ignore
Born to Run coach Eric Orton says that all runners face an unexplored issue that affects absolutely everything: weak feet.

6. Why you should make arnica your running buddy
Many a marathoner has trained with this all-natural pain reliever. You probably should, too. Here are five arnica salves we love.

7. Are you running junk miles?
Prepping for a spring race? Why packing on more training miles won’t necessarily get you to the finish line faster.