Cheat Sheet: This Way to Stronger Abs

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If you spend a majority of your gym time working your butt, legs, and biceps (we see you, sundress season) you might be neglecting something super important—your core.

Everything—from your posture to how much weight you can lift—stems from that six-pack-in-the-making section of your center. And these days, the exercises are pretty fun and creative, so you’re not just doomed to doing 100 crunches on your bedroom floor.

And, hey, it doesn’t hurt to show off your hard work on the beach this summer… —Molly Gallagher

1. 5 ab exercises that are better than crunches
Crunches are on their way out, so that means you’ll need new ways to strengthen your core. Here, Brynn Jinnett shares five smarter ab exercises that sculpt.

2. The Biggest Loser’s Brett Hoebel shares 4 steps to great abs
Forget the diet books. Hoebel, a personal trainer on last season’s The Biggest Loser, explains how women can build muscle and burn fat to reveal great abs.

3. Why crunches won’t give you flat abs, and will hurt your body
At city fitness studios, planks are replacing crunches. Brynn Jinnett, of the Refine Method, explains why that’s great news for your core—and the rest of you.

4. How to get perfect posture, according to the Ken Doll of the fitness world
Jason Wimberly is way more than an oiled six pack. Here’s how to stand with the trainer’s level of poise and confidence, Barbie arches not required.

5. Pilates guru Nicole Stuart’s stealth, toning workout
The celeb trainer wants you to slow down with stretches so deliberately simple, you might not even notice they’re head-to-toe toners.

6. Is the back the new core?
A strong core is no longer touted as a cure for the work-week slouch. Yoga, Pilates, barre experts are now focusing on the flipside: strengthening the back.

7. 90 Second Interval: How to strengthen your core anywhere with Brooke Siler
No time to hit the gym? Brooke Siler, founder of re:AB Pilates, shows you how to strengthen your core anytime, anywhere.

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