Where to work out on a budget in crazy expensive NYC

View More: http://phillipvn.pass.us/jaiyoga It’s no secret: if you want access to top-tier instructors at cutting-edge boutique fitness studios in New York, you’re looking at an average price range of $30–$35 per class.

But not everyone’s fitness preferences are aligned with their wallet.

So, we’ve compiled our past stories on fitness and yoga classes, gyms, and personal trainers that don’t break the bank, all to help you get your workouts in on a budget.


First up: these 11 gyms all offer memberships that cost less than $100 per month, and many have locations throughout the five boroughs, so there’s bound to be one in your ‘hood.

No-frills Blink Fitness is one of the best options, since memberships are generally priced at around $20 per month and locations are popping up everywhere—including across the country.

New York Sports Club also recently changed its rates so that many of its gyms now offer memberships that start at $19.95 per month.

And if a gym is no good to you without someone to tell you what to do, Blink also is a great spot to book cheap, high-quality personal training sessions, while Find Your Trainer helps you find and book trainers online at lower rates than you’d pay at a gym.


If you look hard enough, there are still plenty of yoga studios around the city that offer classes for under $20 a pop, including the old standby, Yoga to the People, which now has many locations. A few other options we’ve tried: Yoga Vida, which is already affordable and then offers community classes that are even cheaper (and is pictured, above), Yoga Agora in Astoria, and this trio of studios in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Even less expensive and possibly free: You could take advice from top yogis on how to establish a home practice.


This gets a little trickier, but most bargain hunters turn to ClassPass, which sells $125 monthly memberships that give you access to tons of studios (and that number will continue to grow). There’s also competitor FitReserve. A new dynamic pricing company, Dibs, will also be expanding in 2016, so expect more studios to start offering lower prices at off-peak times.

Then there are the fitness fashion shops. Athleta recently opened a legit studio inside its Flatiron store that hosts multiple free classes daily, with top instructors and workouts from around the city. Sweaty Betty has free in-store classes in Soho and Lululemon at all of its locations including the new flagship.  Nike Running stores on the Upper East Side and in the Flatiron host free run clubs regularly.

Oh, and you could always give The People’s Bootcamp a try, which, despite its founder’s recent celebrity trainer ascendance, is still pay-what-you-can.

Now, to your diet. Check out these 5 hacks for cooking healthy meals on a budget.

Originally published January 12, 2014, updated January 12, 2016.  (Photo: Phillip Van Nostrand for Jai Yoga Arts)

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