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Cheat Sheet: Yoga news and trends

Did you spend so much time in savasana this year that you missed all of the yoga culture circling your mat? Don't worry, we've got a recap.

yogaThis week we’ll catch you up on the year’s news trends that are making a serious impact on the wellness scene.

Did you spend so much time in savasana this year that you missed all of the yoga culture circling your mat? Here’s a recap of some of the year’s biggest yoga news and trends.

1. Instagram yogis: Meet the virtual celebrities of the smartphone
Not every yogi with killer inversions and gorgeous balance poses is being groomed in a studio.

2. The ultra-spiritual yoga celebs love
Thanks to actors like Russell Brand and modern spiritual guides like Gabrielle Bernstein, Kundalini is enjoying a tiny piece of the yoga spotlight.

3. Inside the Smithsonian’s groundbreaking yoga exhibit
Think you know yoga? Think again. The Smithsonian’s groundbreaking yoga history exhibition will rock your world.

4. 8 exotic yoga spots that will blow your mind
Sure, your local studio’s awesome. But what about over-water yoga in the Maldives or practicing among lions on safari? Dream big with these insanely exotic spots.

5. What yoga gaze is—and how to get it
We get the dirt on “drishti,” the yogic gazing technique that can keep you steady on your mat—and in your life.

6. Your guide to New York’s sizzling hot yoga scene
You can now do a dozen-plus hot yoga styles at studios around New York. We put on our tiny shorts to bring you this sweaty guide to them.

7. The journey of Alan Finger, a yoga master’s master
He created big-name yoga studios, taught celebrities, and became a TV yogi. Now the yoga legend is really celebrating, with his own studio’s fifth anniversary.