Circuit of Change is poised for takeoff

Circuit of Change New York City mind-body workout Circuit of Change is a beloved indie workout, but it’s got plans to go big this season.

Former gymnast and Ironman Brian Delmonico started it all three years ago as a summer outdoor boot camp, and his 16th Street studio has grown into a spiritually-infused fitness hotspot filled with loyal devotees who pack the schedule’s five classes per day.

Now, Delmonico’s making bold moves. A sleek new Circuit of Change website launched in early March, and on April 6, he’ll debut online workouts accessible to people across the country and a branded workout mat. This summer marks the start of his first teacher training program, which will allow fitness pros to bring the workout to other studios and cities.

“My whole thing is I wanted to build a community first,” Delmonico says. “I was able to take my time and listen to people and what they wanted. That’s where all of this came from.”

Circuit of Change

Online workouts

The online workouts will come in two forms. There are 30-minute workouts starring Delmonico that you can download and that focus on different themes, like one for beginners and one focused on core strength, and there are 60-minute classes recorded during regular classes at the Circuit of Change studio. (It’s a lot like what Tracy Anderson recently debuted.) Online workouts start at $20 and monthly memberships will also be available.

Mat magic

Of course, if you’re going to kick, jump, and roll all over your living room, you’re going to need a mat, which is why Delmonico engineered one (made from non-toxic, 100-percent recyclable materials) specifically for Circuit of Change’s signature moves.

“We can’t use a normal yoga mat because of our unique hybrid style class,” he explains, referring to the martial arts-meets-yoga-meets-boxing method. In addition to protecting wrists, knees, the back, and neck, the 10-millimeter thick mat also provides shock absorption, and more. “It needed to be soft on the skin as we do a lot of crawling, rolling, and primal movements,” he says. “It needed to be extremely anti-slip, because a lot of sweat is created, and having grip on the bottom of the mat was just as important in order for the mat to stay in place.”

Circuit of Change

New Circuits

Athough Delmonico and fiancé Alyssa Rasul, Circuit’s wellness director, are involved in every aspect of the business, the duo realize it’s time to grow. In April they’re taking applications from fitness professionals to become Circuit of Change-certified and will be leading the studio’s very first teacher training programs this summer.

In the past, Delmonico hired instructors from other fitness modalities and trained them individually to teach at the studio, but that process doesn’t lead to scale of the kind that he sees before him now. “We’re still as close to a mom-and-pop shop as you can possibly be,” he says. But the teacher training program should allow for Circuit of Change to become a fitness obsession outside of New York and far and wide.

It’s another big step for Circuit of Change. Or, given its name, maybe it’s just par for the course? —Jamie McKillop

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