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Box and BellBFX Box and Bell, $32
Where it’s offered: BFX in the Financial District and Chelsea, Manhattan

When BFX debuted an expansive, swanky new studio in the Financial District last month, it also debuted a new fusion class, Box and Bell. It combines kettlebell intervals with heavy bag boxing (trendy!) for a cardio and strength-training workout that targets a whole lot more than your fists. I had to slip on my gloves immediately.

“Melding the kettlebells with the boxing helps keep that heart rate up,” says BFX instructor Heather Allen, who developed the class. “You don’t just work the upper torso and core, but you’re walking out with a full-body workout focusing on larger muscle groups and a high caloric output.” (Not to mention the mental benefits of feeling like a bad-ass?)


I took the class at the FiDi location with Allen and co-instructor Juan Hidalgo (although typically they teach solo). After a warm-up of jumping rope and body-weight exercises like mountain climbers and squats, we launched into kettlebell moves that targeted the core and lower body. The rest of the class focused on boxing, with a technique review and then three rounds of punch combos broken up by cardio drills like high knees and jumping jacks.

It was a tough, sweaty session, but I cooled down more than I’d expected during the heavy bag boxing as we worked carefully on form and technique. Of course, that makes it a great option for novices, and the more you go, the closer you’ll get to full-on, sweat-filled, boxing fury. —Jamie McKillop

BFX, $32 per class, 30 Broad St., Financial District, New York, NY, 10004, 212-232-0050,

(Photo: BFX)