ClassPass has hiked its NYC prices to $200 a month

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Update: The company announced on May 12 Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Boston and Chicago memberships will increase to $175 per month.

Can’t say they didn’t warn us. We knew big changes were coming to ClassPass, and now we know just how big: The fitness booking app has raised its monthly membership fee from $125 to $190 in New York City. (Um, pretty much everyone with a ClassPass membership remembers it used to cost just $99 a month before July 2015…)

According to Business Insider, the company—formerly known as an ultra-affordable way for people to get access to boutique fitness classes—sent an email to its members today that explained their new plans, which includes the 52 percent price hike for unlimited ClassPassers, starting next month.

ClassPass announces a monthly membership fee of $200 in New York City. So it’s basically the price of Equinox.

How does this monthly rate compare to other gyms? Equinox, the most luxe club, costs $201 per month (for access to one of their locations), and $230 for access to all of their gyms. Crunch is about $102 per month to access any of their locations ($92.99 for one). And belonging to a David Barton gym costs between $135 and $185 depending on your level of access.

So ClassPass is now basically on par with an Equinox membership—and yes, the internet has noticed.  One member tweeted “When your @classpass membership is more than your student loan payment…#canceling #classpass.”

If you decide to sign up for the service today, you can score the last bit of a bargain: 10 classes for $135 ($125 for existing members), but an unlimited package will cost you $200 per month.

Before today’s price increase, ClassPass was facing criticism for being too affordable, actually. Some studio owners have complained that the service hurts the industry by devaluing fitness classes and making it difficult for them to make ends meet (though ClassPass says they have a 96 percent retention rate among studios).

So, what do you think? Are ClassPass’ new prices a deal-breaker for you? Or is it still a membership worth having in the often pricey world of boutique fitness? Tell us in the Comments, below!

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