Cyc partners with David Barton to open its first New York studio this January

Cyc's #Partyonabike concept will meet David Barton's nightclub-at-a-gym vibe in the new year.
Cyc Keoni
Beloved fitness instructor Keoni Hudoba is head cycologist at Cyc (Photo: Facebook/Cyc)


The indoor cycling method designed by beloved New York instructor Keoni Hudoba is finally setting up shop in the city it was conceived in, with a New York studio expected to open on January 6, 2014. And Cyc’s Gotham debut comes with a surprise twist: it will be inside David Barton Gym’s Astor Place location.

Cyc’s first two studios—in Madison and Austin—are both stand-alone locations, and founder and CEO Stephen Nitkin says the brand will continue on that track, but that the partnership with David Barton offered an opportunity to do something different in New York, offering the perks of a full gym to riders pre- and post-class.

“When you’re done, you can go and take a steam or a sauna,” he says, ” and if you still have energy, you can jump on a treadmill, you can go lift weights, you can go stretch.” Not to mention spacious locker rooms and showers, a major rarity on the city’s indoor cycling scene. (David Barton members will also get Cyc discounts.)

Of course, Cyc, which will be located one floor below street level, will retain its boutique feel, Nitkin says. “When you cross the threshold into the space that Cyc occupies, it’ll be very much like our other studios,” including a private lobby and about 50 bikes.

One of the lower levels of David Barton Astor Place where the new Cyc studio is housed. (Photo: Interior Design)


Nitkin says the gym partnership also helped Cyc keep its prices lower than the main competitors on the market. Individual classes will be $25 (and $20 for students); SoulCycle is currently $34, Flywheel $32. Its prices compares with a few smaller studios, like Revolve and Crank. The idea is that New Yorkers are likely to be stoked about another conveniently located new brand that’s more affordable.

Especially since the popular Hudoba will be on the schedule: “When he’s in New York, which is a lot of the time,” says Nitkin assuringly, “he’ll be on the schedule actively,” teaching the sports-centric, weights-heavy cycling class.

Finally, Cyc’s studio includes a social platform that allows you to see who’s in your class before you book, as long as they’ve opted in. “It really supports our bigger philosophy of social fitness. We want Cyc to be a healthy alternative to bars and clubs where people can come in and meet other people,” Nitkin says.

It’s a philosophy that another man voiced more than 20 years ago when outfitting his gyms with disco balls, flocked wallpaper, and lounges with velvet settees, bringing nightclub cool to the weight room. His name was David Barton. —Lisa Elaine Held

For more information, watch this 90-Second Interval with Keoni Hudoba or visit

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